The Junior Coding Association

The Programmers of Today, the Leaders of Tomorrow

Welcome to the Junior Coding Association! We are a cost-free education organization that takes a flipped classroom approach to educating students of all ages about STEM concepts and the Java Programming Language.

We Have 100+ Members, and Counting!

Membership Breakdown

South Brunswick Chapter

This is our original chapter, in which we have ~75 members. In addition to our online curriculum, we enrich the students' knowledge with monthly sessions at the local library.

International Students

We are providing remote lessons to students of all ages from all around the world! We have students from:

  • Nigeria

  • Ghana

  • Algeria

  • Kenya

  • Canada

  • Pakistan

  • Jammu and Kashmir

  • India

Domestic Students

We are also providing remote lessons to students from all around the United States who are not members of the South Brunswick or STEM Kids NYC chapters. Our domestic remote learning students come from:

  • New Jersey

  • Texas

  • Colorado

  • Illinois

  • Florida