Junior Coding Association


Junior Coding Association is a program for students interested in computer science and mathematics. The program will be free of charge to all students who are interested, but we ask that students bring a laptop with them so they can follow along in the lessons. This program requires no prior experience and is completely free. Since Java is the programming language taught at many high schools, this program will be especially beneficial to students who are looking to take Computer Science classes while in high school. We will be holding Q&A and Extra Help Sessions at the South Brunswick Public Library. Once more, this program is available to ALL students!


Since it would be unrealistic to meet at the library for every learning session we would like to incorporate, we are taking a flipped-classroom approach to our program. Using Google Classroom and EdPuzzle, we will allow students to access our teaching material about Java, the programming language taught in many high schools. No prior experience will be necessary; we will start off with the most fundamental concepts. At our first meeting, we will help students sign up for our resources and run Java on their personal computers if they choose. We will hold meetings once a month at South Brunswick Public Library. We plan for each session to be around sixty to ninety minutes long, and we will answer any questions the students have during this time, and do live demos for any confusing concepts.

Material Covered

Our lessons will primarily use the Java Programming Language. During the course of this program, we will cover:

  • Basic Syntax in Java
  • Print Statements
  • If Statements
  • For Loops
  • Switch Statements
  • While Loops
  • Random Number Generation
  • Scanner (User Input)
  • Creating Methods
  • Recursive Functions
  • Arrays and ArrayLists
  • 2D Arrays

Coding Challenges

After students have gained ample knowledge of Java, we will start to implement coding challenges. Once a month, we will dedicate a portion of our session for students to utilize some of their newly-acquired coding skills to create a project of their own choosing. We will set basic guidelines and offer assistance. We will then evaluate the projects for creativity and implementation of skills, and give prizes to the top few projects. This will encourage students to pursue their passion for Computer Science as they are free to create whatever they desire.