Why Should I Volunteer at the Junior Coding Association?

The main duty of each volunteer is to grade students' assignments and give them detailed feedback. For every 10 assignments a volunteer grades and gives feedback for, he/she will receive one leadership-credited volunteer hour co-signed by the Junior Coding Association and the South Brunswick Public Library. This is a great opportunity for students to gain leadership volunteer hours for programs such as the National Honor Society, and can also serve for community service quotas for certain professions. This is also a great opportunity for students wishing to develop their skills and experience working in the Computer Science field.

What is required of a volunteer at the Junior Coding Association?

We are looking for students from Grades 10-12 with experience in Computer Science to volunteer for the Junior Coding Association. Volunteers are required to grade students' Practice Programs and Determine the Output Assignments according to our 10-point rubrics, and give each student constructive feedback to improve their scores. All feedback will be checked by the JCA to ensure quality and thoroughness.